Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you test?

We created a youth sports platform for 8 year olds to college age players who want the unique combination of an Athlete Profile to build an accurate history of your athletic career combined with NXTSTAT’s proprietary sports science testing and results that you can share and take action on to improve your game.

Is it expensive to test with NXTSTAT?

Our mission is to deliver a scalable testing model that allows sports science testing to be available to everyone at an affordable price.  Bulk pricing for Sports Clubs or Schools starts around $50 per player per testing.  For those in difficult financial situations, you can apply for a scholarship through your club or contact NXTSTAT and we will share other options.

Why create an Athlete Profile on NXTSTAT?

Three reasons:  First, because sports science gives you actionable ways to train and impact your game; second, because having a single Athlete Profile you can share with college coaches with accurate data and career history is powerful; and third, because we are creating a hub where college coaches and professional scouts come to look for players that fit their program. We could match you with your ideal fit.

I'm not familiar with Sports Science tests. When I show up for a test, what will I do?

It’s not a stressful workout. It’s simple and takes less than 15min per team of 10 players. Each test includes:

  • A standard warm up process.
  • Quality controlled environment to obtain accurate measurements of relevant body dimensions like wingspan, height, weight, hand size, and foot size.
  • Quality controlled environment to obtain accurate sports science data through our sports science technology force plates.  It’s as simple as three standardized jumps on our technology (a flat platform). The technology gathers hundreds of points of data immediately on each jump. Simple process. Actionable results.
How often should I get tested?

We recommend a minimum of twice per year. For example, this could be during the spring basketball season and again in the fall basketball season. If you test twice per year at a minimum, then you will build an intelligent progress report that can help you take the appropriate actions to reach your full athletic potential in future years. In 2024, we will roll out an upgrade option for players who would like to get tested more often such as quarterly.

My health professional has more questions about the data and reports. How can they learn more?

Please share our resources page (coming soon) with them. Also, you can have them send us a message at . Our NXTSTAT team would love to collaborate with them and help you through the process.

I need to reschedule my testing date. Who do I contact?

We leave all test scheduling selections up to the Sports Club / School. Please contact your Sports Club / School who partnered with NXTSTAT to reschedule your testing session.

Does NXTSTAT do individual sports science testing?

Our model is built on bringing Sports Science to the mass audience of youth sports, therefore we avoid individual test sessions so we can keep our prices low and maximize the impact through working with Sports Clubs, Teams, Schools, etc. We will roll out an upgrade option to test more regularly, but these will still be group testing times for those that upgrade to group together for more frequent testing. Our mission is to make sports science available to everyone regardless of their economic situation or age or skill level.

Should I complete my player profile before or after my testing date?

We require all players, and if under 18 parents/guardians, to complete their player profiles before their testing date. This information is critical to open your player profile in order for us to finish our reports and publish them for you to access. Please complete your player profile before attending your testing session.

What if I switch to another Sports Club or School from one season to the next?

As a player (parent/guardian), you will always have access to your previous results through your player profile, but ongoing testing will only continue through sports clubs or schools that have hired NXTSTAT Sports Lab to test their teams and provide the NXTSTAT product to their players in their organization. If your new Sports Club or school doesn't have a relationship with NXTSTAT yet, we would suggest you either stay with a sports club or school who actively uses the NXTSTAT product, or you may choose to introduce us to your new sports club or school to see if NXTSTAT can serve their teams in the future. You can get them started here . We appreciate you being an advocate for NXTSTAT Sports Lab to the sports clubs and schools around the country!