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Parent / Athlete

As a parent/guardian, we know you love your player and want the best for them in their athletic career. NXTSTAT serves players in two ways:

  1. Athlete Profile with a progress report that is in a shareable format for college coaches, professional scouts, or even your professional medical specialists like an athletic trainer, weight trainer, physical therapist, etc.
  2. NXTSTAT sports science testing and player benchmarking

In the past, players typically had a team coach, personal skill trainer, and athletic trainer or weight lifting professional. Limited on data, most players go through the same standard training in these areas. The future is now with NXTSTAT Sports Lab, our sports science testing allows players to know intelligent data about their body and how it benchmarks vs their age group. Then in collaborating with your team coach, personal skill trainer, athletic trainer, and weight lifting professional, your team of professionals can help you customize your workouts to your body to maximize your progress. Allowing you to improve 10x faster than your competition without this data.

Injuries have always been a part of sports.  But how do you know when you are truly ready to come back on the playing court or field?  In the past, it was just a standard checklist of physical therapy completed or a doctor saying you are ready.  What if you could know that your body is back to where it was before the injury before returning?  NXTSTAT can provide this intelligent data for you and help players know when it is the right time to return from an injury - lowering their chances of re-injury.  

Our mission is to provide access to sports science data to all youth players across the country.  

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